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My Everyday Life

14 February 1968
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All about me

My name is Deb. I am very happily married to my loving husband Mike for 21 years now. Of course like all relationships we have our disagreements. Our marriage is full of life, love, and laughter. Together, we were blessed with a precious son May 28,1992 who we named Matthew Joshua. Matt is now 19 years old and enjoying himself at college. He is a psychology major, and has adjusted very well. He has a girlfiend of 3 years now, will this be my daughter in law one day? I don't know, but anything is possible. I work full time out of the house, in a skilled nursing facility for the geriatric population. I am a certified nurses aide. I must say even though my job is rough, I truly enjoy it. I try to keep a smile on patients face on a daily basis which makes me smile. Mike works at the same facility, it is where we met. I have a great interest in the medical field. I am almost done my AA degree in Medical Assisting, I have 2 classes left to take for that. I have a loving family, both my parents are still living and are local. I have two wonderful sisters, and 2 nieces and 3 nephews. We are a very close family. .

My Interests

I am a summer girl by heart. I love to swim and go to the beach and be outdoors, if its not swealtering out there :). In my younger years I did alot of traveling with my family. We traveled all over the United States. I have been to 32 of the states. I also lived in Tokyo Japan for 11 months, when I was 9 years old. I enjoyed traveling around the carribean, and my favorite all time vacation place is Bermuda, it's a beautiful island. I enjoy fishing and camping but haven't been in many years. I like to go to rock concerts and I find listening to music very relaxing. I am a classic rock fan, U2, Rolling Stones, Pink Floydd, Eagles, The Doors, and many more.. mostly 80s bands. A few of my favorite movies are Beaches,Ghost, PS I Love You, Sweet Home Alambama, The Bucket List, Bedtime Stories, and The Notebook. I am not a reader, the only thing I enjoy reading is medical books. I am not big on TV but I do enjoy the older shows, and I also like Cop shows like Law and Order, and I love The Discovery Health Channel. I spend most of my free time online, chatting, looking things up and blogging. I love the colors pink, red, and purple.I also enjoy cooking very much, and I am always finding new recipes.

About my journal

I write in my journal as often as I can or so desire. I may go a week or two without an entry, but I am always updating to catch up after going without writing a long time. I like to get to know my journal friends and by doing so I read their journals on a daily basis, although I may not comment on every entry. I am down to earth and non judgemental. I do not judge people for their believes, such as how you raise your child, your religious beliefs, your sexuality, gender, or anything else. I am one who likes to joke around, but can be serious when the time comes. I like to meet different types of people, we do not have to have something in common. I like to learn new things about people, it makes their journals more interesting to read. I find my journal friends through add me communities, and If I see someone who I think I would like to be friends with I comment on their add, and ask them to add me first. There is the rare occasion when I do add someone first. So don't be shy! Get to know me! Just so you are aware, I do go through periods because of my depression when I dont want to post on LJ these are not very ofen but sometimes can be for a couple weeks. Thanks for reading my profile :)

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